Kaen Nakhon Great Pedestrian Way – Work Continuing.

Kaen Nakhon with surrounding park, is a small lake that’s a great escape from the city traffic and is fairly central.

As we’ve mentioned before there’s a new walkway, a great new feature that travel sites fail to mention.

A great new pedestrian walk way over and around the lake.


kaen nakhon

Viewing areas to stop and sit.

The walkway and surrounding park are an ideal place for a walk, run or cycle. On entering the park I was invited to a game of keep me up with a Takraw ball but declined citing an old ankle injury.

Walk Around the Lake Safely

It curves around in a kind of semi circle around a large part of the lake. I was wondering if it will be extended and noticed that some work is continuing at what is currently the very start of the walk.

Looking back to the city and Wat Klang

There are nice views back over the serene lake in the morning and I was informed by a chatty Khon Kaen local that two circuits per day had brought his blood pressure down very nicely thank you.


The lake itself is teeming with life. A quick jump out from a nearby fish makes a splash and as you walk past the areas with vegetation there is plenty of amphibian activity.

Amphibian Activity.

There is evidence of a little pollution on the far side which we hope will be taken care of soon. I saw a few dead fish near some overflow pipes although that was only on the far side.

There is a small area where the ever present Khon Kaen dino them is continued.

Back towards the City.

I’d recommend regular exercise here after today’s visit. It’s much better than a treadmill and the air is fresh for a fast developing city. Hopefully the minor problems can be overcome and the improvement worked continued.

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