Warning To Motorists As ‘Bargain’ Car Stolen

A Khon Kaen nurse caught speeding was unknowingly driving a stolen car.

The Nation reported the following:

The Nurse arrested by police for a speeding violation, found she was in double trouble when a check revealed that the second-hand Toyota Vios she was driving was a stolen vehicle with fake licence plates.

The case came to light after a Chanthaburi man Danai Kotipapa told reporters that he received a traffic ticket issued by Khon Kaen Highway Police for speeding when he had never been in the Northeastern province. An investigation showed that Danai had legitimate licence plates while the sedan captured on a police camera carried fake plates and was stolen property from Phetchaburi.

Thanks to the Nation for the photo

When police seized nurse Thanpimon Nanamai’s vehicle on Wednesday, she insisted that she bought the car legally last month for Bt150,000. She said the owner, who was introduced to her by an acquaintance, promised to send all the car documents to her later.

Provincial Police Region 4’s car theft suppression team head Pol Colonel Omsin Trarungreung said police would use Thanpimon as a witness to extend the investigation to reach the car theft gang, which was not based in the Northeast.

He warned people to check the car registration information with the Land Transport Department before buying a second-hand car.

Thanpimon said she regretted not checking the information before buying the car, which she thought was value for money due to the good condition and cheap price. She said she was on a merit-making trip on the day that the police camera caught her speeding.

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