Video: Who’s In The Wrong? Poster Suggests Injustice At Hands Of The Police

Motorcyclist badly hurt but equally to blame according to police.

CCTV from Muang district of Trang showed the moment a female motorcyclist was severely injured in a collision.

She is heading towards the camera on the left of the roadway when a motorcycle driven by a man cuts right in front of her.

This causes her to take evasive action and lose control. She then smashes head first into an approaching minivan.

She lived but her hospital and repair bills came to 35,000 baht.

Her boyfriend went on the popular site Mem Pho Dam on Facebook to say that the male motorcyclist was a volunteer and friend of the cops.

The police had sided with him and said that both sides were at fault.

But the boyfriend called for justice for his girlfriend saying it was none of her doing.

Watch for yourself.

Times comment:- It would appear that the lady did absolutely nothing wrong and is lucky to be alive. Just another police “cop out” ! (Sorry about that !!)


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