Uninsured British Man On His Way To Renew Visa Loses Leg In Horrific Motorcycle Accident

Brit loses leg in horrific motorcycle accident

A young British man has suffered life changing injuries and is in a serious condition in hospital following an horrific motorbike accident in Thailand.

Harry George Buster Cross was travelling to Kanchanaburi immigration office on Monday morning to extend his tourist visa when the Yamaha motorbike he was riding collided with a sugar cane truck that pulled out in front of him.

Harry, who was wearing a helmet and safety gear, suffered catastrophic injuries, including his right leg being almost severed, after being dragged by the truck for more than 15 metres.

Harry, 29 from London, was rushed to hospital where doctors discovered he had also suffered a shattered pelvis, multiple breaks to his leg and three broken ribs, in addition to the badly damaged leg.

Due to the severity of his injuries, Harry was rushed into surgery but doctors were unable to save his leg and it had to be amputated above the knee. He remains in ICU.

The motorbike Harry was riding was legally registered and because of this the insurance has been able to pay a small amount towards his treatment.

However Harry, who is in Thailand after spending the last 5 months travelling across Southeast Asia, does not have any travel or medical insurance to pay for further treatment.

Furthermore, the driver of the truck has told police that he was not at fault so the case is set to go to Thai court, which could take months or even years before an outcome is determined.

To help Harry, his friends have set up a Go Fund Me page to try and raise funds towards his treatment.

“Harry is now in the ICU, he is conscience but obviously in a lot of pain. He has a strong will, knows he has lost his leg, but says “at least I am alive”, the page reads.

Harry remains in Thanakan Hospital in Kanchanaburi but needs to be transferred to a hospital in another province which has doctors who are able to rebuild his shattered pelvis.

After interviewing him in hospital immigration have given Harry a 3 month extension to his visa.

As well as financial help, Harry is also requires platelet transfusions and is in need of donations of type O blood.

Times comment:- We wish Harry well on the long road to recovery. However, this is yet another example of the dangers of not having travel insurance. I am traveling to the UK in May and my travel insurance for three weeks is just over two thousand baht. There is no reason not to take insurance out as the cost is negligible . Travelers take note !

(Source:-ThaiVisa News)

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