Udon Thani: Thai Woman Slept With Corpse Of Relative For Several Days After She Slashed Him To Death

Udon Murderer

A Thai woman who attacked a male relative with a kitchen knife in her bedroom slept with the corpse for several days before the truth came out and she was finally arrested.

The woman – who has mental health issues – claims that she was forced to take Ya Ba and raped on many occasions by the relative.

She has been charged with murder.

Udon Thani provincial police chief Maj-Gen Pheerapong Wongsaman interviewed 39 year old Wanida after she was found sleeping under a cart at the Thai Siri 3 market one kilometre from the scene of the crime in the Chiang Phin police jurisdiction on Sunday.

In her bedroom relatives had found the decomposing body of Jirasak, 41, on Saturday. His neck was slashed and he had a total of ten wounds to his back.

Wanida said that Jirasak had raped her many times in the past and made her take Ya Ba (methamphetamine). She was concerned he would move on to rape her daughter.

Last Wednesday he fed her half a tablet but after raping her and while he was sleeping she got an Itoh kitchen knife and slashed him to death.

She then wrapped the body in a blanket and covered it in a foam mattress.

She slept with the body for two nights fearing police arrest if she told relatives what had happened. On the third night she went to sleep at a pavilion in the lake of the housing estate before moving onto the market where was was found on Sunday.

Previously she had gone back to the house where the body lay to make food for her mother before telling her she was off to work.

Relatives noticed a foul stench coming from the room and alerted Chiang Phin police.

(Source: _ Sanook)

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