Tsunami Fears:- Report Shows That Tourists Would Be In Trouble If Giant Wave Hits Thailand Again

Signs fallen or are unreadable (Photo TNA)

Following the devastating earthquake and massive tsunami that hit Indonesia on Friday the Thai media have asked the question:

Is Thailand prepared for another tsunami?

The answer is mixed. On the one hand the alarm warning systems seem to be working and loud enough.

But on the other, signage erected after the 2004 Asia wide tsunami hit Thailand has fallen into disrepair.

TNAMCOT were reporting in their Big Story news show amid fears of another tsunami.

In Indonesia at Palu on Sulawesi thousands are feared dead mostly from the tsunami following an undersea quake.

TNA’s reporter went to Kamala beach where 279 people died in the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami.

Following the disaster that claimed about a quarter of a million lives Asia wide the Thai authorities put in towers and signage to help people flee.

She said that there are 19 warning towers in the Phuket. She asked two people – a deckchair vendor and a hotel employee about the effectiveness of the warning systems.

The systems are tested every Wednesday at 8am when the Thai national anthem is played through them.

The vendor said that it was loud and could be heard everywhere on the beach. He also said there was enough signage.

The hotel employee said that it was loud too. His hotel had training each year regarding tsunami preparedness.

But when the reporter examined the escape route the problems started.

Some signage had fallen to the ground or was now unreadable.

There were gaps of 500 metres in between signs on the route.

The reporter said that the signage was unclear and confusing ,pointing in several directions.

Thais would be confused and tourists would have no idea where to run to to save their lives.

She called on the authorities to re-examine their signage in case of another disaster.


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