Tourists Warned To Respect Thai Culture After Two Americans Arrested For Baring Their Backsides At Wat Arun

Americans bared their backsides at Wat Arun.

The two gay US men who posted pictures of their bare backsides at Wat Arun have been arrested at the airport.

The pair – named only as Joseph and Travis aged about 38 – were caught apparently trying to flee Thailand at Don Meuang airport.

They were taken to Bangkok Yai police station. Cops there had placed them on a “watch list” after their stunt at the iconic monument in their jurisdiction.

Immigration spokesman Cherngron Rimphadee said that behavior like that was not appropriate and took the opportunity to warn others who might do the same that it will not be tolerated.

He said that tourists should show respect to the culture, traditions and religion of Thailand especially at sites like Wat Arun that are important to the Thai people.

The news media said that the authorities were pleased that their procedures to stop those that had broken the law were successful on this occasion.

The two men had posted pictures of their behinds at other places before like the Louvre in Paris and the Capitol in Washington.

But they clearly did not consider the resolve of the Thai authorities to come down on tourists who disrespect their culture.

It has yet to be reported what is the actual charge and what punishment the pair will face.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

Khon Kaen Times comment:-One word springs to mind…..PATHETIC ! Hopefully they will take their so-called humour back to the US and never be allowed back in this country again.

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