Tourists Can’t Just Come And Do As They Please Warn Thai Media

Tourists need to show respect. (Photo:-Thai Rath)

A comment piece in the Thai media has called on the authorities to inform tourists about what is acceptable behaviour at important cultural sites.

A parting message in the piece by “Pleuangpayak” rang loud and clear to visitors to the kingdom: “You can’t just come and do as you want!”

The article came in the wake of the case of the Serbian couple where a woman was pictured lounging about in a short skirt on a ledge at one of Thailand’s most famous attractions – the sacred site of Wat Pra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok.

The case caused widespread condemnation from Thais online.

The columnist praised crime buster Surachet Hakpan – the deputy commissioner of the tourist police – for taking a personal interesting in the case and hunting down the miscreants who were slapped with fines before they could leave the country.

In a request to the Prime Minister “Pleuangpayak” said that Prayut Chan-ocha should tell all authorities to inform tourists about acceptable behaviour according to Thai cultural and social practices.

Tourists must know how to respect Thai ways and not be allowed to get away with bad behaviour.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

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