Thailand Makes Huge Changes To It’s Laws On Smoking In Public

Smokers nipping outside the front of buildings for a quick smoke will soon be a thing of the past in Thailand.

New regulations issued by the Department of Public Health will force smokers to stay well away from all sorts of public buildings and public areas.

There will be a five-meter radius exclusion zone from any entrance or exit of all manner of public buildings.

These include condos, rental buildings, pubs, hotels, religious buildings, karaoke establishments, restaurants, laundries, salons, cinemas, parking areas, spas, areas for Thai massage, clinics, hospitals, schools, swimming pools, fitness parks, clinics and other places.

The new regulations will come into force in 90 days of this latest announcement.

Other regulations coming in within 180 days refer to the words that can be used on cigarette packets.

Language such as “low tar”, “classic”, “women” and “sexy” will be a no-no.

The regulations also specify exactly where internal smoking areas in buildings may be located, reported Thai Rath

Other Thai media reported that people contravening the new regulations would be fined 5,000 baht.

Image: Thairath

Source: Thai Visa News

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