Thai NLA Member’s Son Arrested In London For Making Up-Skirt Videos In Shop

Top Shop where Thai made up-skirt videos.

The son of a National Legislative Assembly member was caught filming up women’s skirts in Topshop’s flagship store on Oxford Street in London.

Pratyayoud Tupchareon, 27, son of Youdtana who is an NLA member, has been spared jail after he claimed he had been inspired by YouTube videos. His mother, Jutipon, is also a judge.

 He was spotted by security guards in the ladies fashion store in London following women around with a long lens protruding from his rucksack.

Tupchareon claimed that he had been inspired by YouTube videos of people ‘up-skirting’ – when someone secretly films underneath a skirt.

Prosecuting counsel said, “At about 2pm on the day in question, two security guards in Topshop on Oxford Street observed the defendant behaving suspiciously.

They also observed in his interactions with a number of females, that he kept placing his brown rucksack on the ground and lifting it back up again.

He continued to do this a number of times and at one point one of the security guards noticed the long lens of a camera inside his bag.”

Tupchareon was spoken to by security and police arrived to seize his camera and arrested him, the online said.

He had shot a video up a woman’s skirt outside the shop, the court heard.

Counsel added,”The camera is angled up her skirt, she is not wearing any tights and her skirt was above the knee in length.

The second video, from the store itself, shows the defendant approaching three females, all wearing short skirts, they were not wearing tights or leggings.

He was able to capture the legs of two of the girls and managed to film the underwear of a third, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe said, “What on earth was he thinking? Why was he doing it?”

Tupchareon said he had watched videos on YouTube but told the judge, “I don’t have a YouTube account and I have never posted a video.”

The judge added, “Mr Tupchareon I don’t know what you were thinking, you’re 27-years-old, you’re not a child.

You are extremely lucky that you have a very supportive family but this is your responsibility and it was outrageous behaviour – unpleasant, disrespectful and potentially, deeply offensive.

I do accept, because nothing else was found on any of your media equipment, that this was just a one off occasion and I do accept that this was not for your own sexual gratification

Though had you been successful, I cannot imagine that you would not have shown others.

It was very stupid, clearly you have hurt your family, who must be appalled and shocked.

And it is time that you accept responsibility for your own actions and in my view that requires a community order.”

Tupchareon studied at Regent’s University, a private college in Regent’s Park, London, where annual fees start at £17,000.

His father, Youdtana, distinguished himself with a career as Governor of the State Railway of Thailand, before moving into public office as a Senator in the National Legislative Assembly.

His parents, both qualified lawyers, jetted into London yesterday from Bangkok to attend the sentencing.

The young man has had to defer starting a postgraduate course at Westminster University while the proceedings have taken place.

Tupchareon, of Oxford, who admitted outraging public decency, was banned from the City of Westminster for four months and made to wear a tag.

He must be home between 7pm and 6am for 12 weeks. In addition he must pay a victim surcharge of £85 and costs of £85.

(Source:-The Nation, Thailand)

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