Thai “Caveman” Has Given Up On Thai Women And Welcomes Foreign Ladies To His New “Home”

Caveman says he has done nothing wrong (Photo:-Sanook)

A Thai blogger who lives in a cave has defended his lifestyle saying that he is doing nothing wrong.

Pictures of him with foreign women were posted on his Facebook page – though one in a state of undress in his cave has since been deleted after some adverse comment from netizens.

The man in question is artist, motorcyclist and free spirit Jatuphoom Losiri or “Toon”.

He used to blog about his motorcycle adventures. Now he has maintained a 50,000 person following after living in a cave for the last eight months.

He blogs on the page “The Cave Man 2018”. It was not immediately apparent where the cave is though it appears to be near a beach.

He was pictured with a Russian woman being very romantic and using sweet language. Then there was adverse comment when a woman was seen in the makeshift bed in his cave.

Toon, aged 48, said it was a different person to the attractive Russian he was chatting up in another post. He said that he is doing nothing wrong in inviting foreign ladies to his cave.

They often just pop in for a cup of tea or coffee.

There are no tricks or deception – he is quite honest about his interest in women. He admits things sometimes turn to romance – even love.

He said he stopped living in a house months ago.

And he stopped dating Thai women a long time ago too – he prefers foreigners.

And no, he is unconcerned about an investigation into his lifestyle.

“I am not doing anything wrong,” he said.


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