Thai Bank Transfers Over Half A Million Baht Into Wrong Account

All’s well that ends well after bank drops a b…..k !

Thai bank Krung Sri Ayudhya mistakenly put more than half a million baht in the wrong account because the first name was the same and the surname similar.

On Friday Wanna Panyaphijai, 54, took 523,500 baht into a branch in Chumpon to pay into the account of Kittisak Nisapha.

Next day when the recipient said he had not got the money she went back to the bank and it was discovered it had been transferred to Kittisak Suwapha.

The wrong recipient was contacted and turned out to be the owner of “Mac Guru” an Apple affiliated mobile shop.

Yesterday after checking that everything was above board Kittisak Suwapha, 34, went to Chumpon police to hand the money back to the rightful owner and have the matter officially recorded by the police.

Embarrassed bank manager Chutima Sathitwong said they were awfully sorry – it was a mistake made by the bank because the names were similar.

She thanked the mistaken recipient of the money for his actions.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

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