Ten On One Attack-Police Know Who Culprits Are

Young man attacked by ten youths. (Photo:-Sanook)

Police in Nakon Pathom have said that they know all the attackers of a young man who fought bravely in the street.

They have asked teachers if they wouldn’t mind bringing them all in for questioning.

The ten youths were caught on CCTV attacking a guy who gave as good as he got.

The attack occurred before police were meant to be on duty at “risky spots near educational institutes”. This is meant to happen at 3pm on the afternoon and 7pm in the morning.

Nakorn Pathom station chief Pol Col Phaitoon Phitaktham said he knew who they all were and had asked teachers to bring them in today.

Phitatsana – father of the victim in this case – told Sanook that his son was attacked at 2.20pm. The first he heard of it was at 3.30 when the school contacted him to say his son was in hospital.

He needed dozens of stitches to an arm wound.

In the CCTV he went for some guys before he was repeatedly attacked. He tried to use a brick later but was too late as they sped off.


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