Teachers Merry-Go-Round In Khon Kaen

So the news in Education this week as we approach the final semester in Thailand was, well…. mixed.

On one hand thousands of teachers are retiring at the regulation age of 60 for government employees. Meanwhile a similar number of students are graduating with a degree in education and applying to get their licences.

Seems straightforward. Well not quite. The news this week was that 5000 retiring teachers were being given contract extensions for 6 months. Seems sensibly to keep them on to ease shortages of qualified tutors. The teachers often go on to teach at private schools were the age 60 limit does not apply.

Staff At Khon Kaen retiree ceremony on 29th September 2017

But then we hear that some 125 new graduates in the Loei Rajabhat University’s Khon Kaen Centre were being refused their teaching licences. The reason given was that their training centre had not passed an assessment back in 2012.

It appears a short term solution was found in giving graduates a 1 year certificate after which they have to re-sit an exam for the full 5 year licence. Also they are being offered jobs at the University centre.

Still, this is not really the news you would want to hear on graduation. For the record non of the other Khon Kaen campus were affected by this.

It was nice to see Khon Kaen University honouring their retirees last week and allowing them to leave!

Assistant Professor Dr Annun is quoted on the KKU website saying:

“Please be proud that you are an important key to KKU’s success today. The retirement life will be slightly different from the working life, but I believe everyone is well prepared mentally and physically for this. In fact, KKU has established KKU Senior Personnel Club to encourage the retirees to gather together, contact one another, and have an opportunity to take part in the activities arranged by the club and other sectors to better their retirement life,”

Khon Kaen University retirees at last weeks ceremony

So lets hope all the teachers new and old get want they want, whether that’s the start of new rewarding career, a continuing professional life or a full and happy retirement.

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