Tattoo Artist Comes To Rescue Of Woman With Botched Face Tattoos

Kind tattoo artist helps woman for free.

An eyebrow tattoo artist has become a godsend for a woman who otherwise seemed fated to live with ugly tattooed eyebrows thanks to poor worksmanship from a low-quality shop for rest of her life.

The Surat Thani woman, using the Facebook account name Kanyarat Dew Chaichan, posted on Friday that she had been so lucky to find a shop that was able to correct her mistake.

The eyebrow tattoo artist, who helped her free of charge, uses the Facebook account name Vilailak Nan Sundantom.

Vilailak posted a clip of the work she had done on Kanyarat on March 21, saying she wanted to warn women to choose quality tattoo shops if they wanted work done.

Kanyarat then shared the post to thank Vilailak for helping her.

“Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?” Kanyarat said in the post.

According to a chat log between Vilailak and Kanyarat, Kanyarat had received an eyebrow tattoo that looked like the vowel “Ei” in Thai, or the top fraction of a circle permanently embedded into each of her eyebrows.

In the chat log, Kanyarat said it would be hard for her to find even the Bt200 required to travel to Vilailak’s shop.

She added that although she wanted her eyebrows corrected, she would have to accept the fate that she would have to live with ugly ones throughout the rest of her life.

Vilailak then offered to do corrective work for free on March 20.

She said she decided to do the work without charge as she had been moved by the woman saying she found it hard to find even Bt200 and that she would have to live with ugly eyebrows forever.

Vilailak also said she normally charged between Bt30,000 and Bt50,000 for such work.

Many Facebook users thanked her for her kindness.

(Source:-The Nation, Thailand)

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