Scouser Faces Ten Year Jail Sentence For Graffiti In Chiang Mai

Graffiti on historical gate (Photo:-Thai Rath)

Thai media reported that two people are in custody after the spray paint inscription “Scouser Lee B” appeared on the historic Tha Pae gate in Chiang Mai.

One of them is 23 year old Lee Furlong from Liverpool.

The other is Brittney Schneider, also 23, from Canada.

The pair were staying at the Mad Monkey Hostel in the northern Thai capital.

Their continued stay in Thailand could be a very long one possibly in somewhere colloquially known as the “Monkey House”

They have been charged with damaging a historical site – this carries a top fine of one million baht or a ten year jail term – or both.

They were caught after clear evidence from CCTV. They were then taken on a reenactment to the Northern gate, one of five historical gates in the city, reported Thai PBS.

Thai netizens demanded that the police throw the book at them for the criminal damage that has now been removed by municipal cleaners.

Furlong said that “Scouser” relates to people from his hometown Liverpool where he supports the team that play in red.

Lee, he said, is his name.

Meanwhile accomplice Brittney said she appended the letter B by which she is known.

A can of black spray paint – allegedly found in the street – was used in the crime.

Two other drunks who were seen with them but who were not involved in the crime were let off with a warning by the Chiang Mai police.

The graffiti suspects appear to be in custody ahead of a court appearance.

More about their sentence as we hear of it.

Times comment:- Whilst to westerners the possible sentence is extremely harsh, the fact remains that this is just another instance of foreigners failing to remember where they are. Being drunk is not an excuse and one wonders when these people will get a grasp of the realities of being in Thailand.

(Source:-Thai Rath, Thai PBS)

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