Sattahip Man Stabs Ladyboy Because “She” Did Not Resemble Her Photo

Man re-enacts attack on ladyboy

A serial thief arrested in Sattahip said that he stabbed his latest victim in the chest because it turned out to be a lady boy and not a woman.

But the transgender fought back with a punch of his own and the vicious thief was soon in custody.

Yesterday Sattahip police took Prayat “Golf” Uppatham, 31 of Bang Saray on a re-enactment to the scene of his latest crime.

He had met Athiwat Duangthim, 45, after chatting on B-Talk. He was cross that his victim was unlike the profile picture. He took Athiwat to somewhere quiet near the Huay Too reservoir where he told police he intended to kill him.

He got out some scissors and stabbed him in the chest, bashed him with a blunt object on the head and then tried to steal his phone and cash. But Athiwat fought back, punched him and ran off to seek help with some locals.

Police soon had the assailant in custody.

He admitted to meeting women he contacted on B-Chat on at least four occasions. He would say he wanted to sleep with them then steal their phones and cash.

But the lady boy put him in a murderous frame of mind.

He has initially been charged with assault and theft in the hours of darkness.

(Source:-Workpoint News)

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