Rough Weather On The Way In The Next Few Days

Rain on the way.

The Meteorological Department has advised people to keep abreast of weather news to prepare for rough conditions in the coming week.

Rainstorms have been forecast for the first part of the week, after which the temperature will drop by between six and eight degrees Celsius. The Northeast will experience such conditions first before other parts of the nation, including the Greater Bangkok area, will see the same.

The weather bureau on Sunday said people should take good care of their health in such weather conditions.

“Farmers, meanwhile, need to watch out to protect their crops,” it added.

As for the South, the Meteorological Department cautioned small fishing trawlers against heading out to the sea in the Gulf of Thailand between January 31 and February 4.

Weather updates will be available on and via Hotline 1182 round the clock.

(Source:-The Nation, Thailand)

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