Private Sector Asked To Help Norwegian Shark Attack Victim

Shark attack victim did not renew insurance policy. (Photo:-New TV)

Help is on the way for the 54 year old Norwegian tourist bitten by a bull shark in Hua Hin.

The deputy governor of Prajuab Khirikhan province is organizing a massive whip-round after Werner Danielsen’s Thai wife Amornrat said the insurance won’t pay up.

And effectively shamed the Thais into action after their inaction.

Mr Danielsen has bills at Bangkok Hua Hin hospital totaling 300,000 baht.

Hua Hin municipality are showing willing by coughing up 10,000 baht. Now deputy governor Theeraphan Nanthakit is asking the private sector and state agencies to see how much they can come up with to ease Mr Danielsen’s distress.

Theeraphan called a crisis meeting at Prajuab HQ yesterday that included calls for the intriguing possibility that one day Thailand might have an official fund that tourists could have access to for similar occurrences and accidents that occur while on holiday – not necessarily shark attacks.

For now he asked all those concerned to help out the shark bite man.

He told the meeting that Mr Danielsen was insured in Norway and initially the company agreed to shell out 250,000 – an offer that was later rescinded after it was discovered that the policy had run out.

Many policies have a time limit and the Norwegian had been away several months.

He was bitten on the left leg by a bull shark off Khao Tao beach prompting a flurry of official action.

But when the initial concern had died down and wife Amornrat needed help it all went quiet from the authorities.

Now, seemingly shamed by the bad press, Theeraphan is asking everyone to throw their baht into a hat to help the tourist who is still undergoing physiotherapy at a hospital in Khon Kaen in Thailand’s north-east.

His visa has been extended two months to allow for this treatment, it was earlier reported.

Times comment:- Of course the insurance company wouldn’t pay up-the policy had expired ! It’s good to try and help people but to say that Thais have been “shamed” into getting their hands in their pockets is unfair.

If the policy had been kept up to date then there would be no problem. The fact that it wasn’t is down to one person, the unfortunate attack victim.


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