What Price A Little Girl’s Life? One Million Says Family, Too Much Says Dogs’ Owner

Scene of dogs’ horror attack (Photo:-Manager Online)

The mother of a four year old child savaged to death by a neighbour’s three dogs has met with her female neighbour to discuss compensation.

The mother Saowaree, 33, called for a million baht in the meeting at the Ban Khawao police station in Chaiyaphum.

The owner of the two Thai breeds and a poodle – Piyawadee, 40 – said she didn’t have that kind of money.

She said she would have to talk to her relatives about it. They will meet again on October 8th.

Thanyalak Salitkun, 4, was cremated on Saturday. On Tuesday last week after school, she was riding her pink bike when the dogs got out and mauled her neck and head. She was soon dead.

Lt Col Thongsuk Ratsiwon said that this was the first compensation meeting between the two sides.

He said that this was separate to the ongoing criminal offense matter though the court might use its discretion to give a lesser sentence if the two sides can agree on compensation.

Her grandmother Prakai, 56, said that the family have yet to come to terms with their terrible and unexpected loss.

No manner of money could replace Tuangkhao but whatever they get will be used to pay for her elder brother’s education and make merit for the little girl.

The owner of the dogs who lives in a house behind that of the victim has admitted responsibility.

The mother of the victim was earlier reported as being a teacher and having got on well with her neighbour.

Times comment:-This is one of the most harrowing stories we have covered. It is so distressing to think that an innocent little girl’s last moments would have been spent in pure terror. No matter what is agreed, nothing can ever change that. Dogs who bite for no reason should be destroyed. Simple as that.

(Source:-Manager Online)

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