Police Say They Know The Ones Responsible For Disappearance Of Australian/Thai Couple

Police do not know fate of missing couple (Photo;-Daily News)

Police in the north of Thailand are in the process of obtaining warrants in the case of the missing Thai/Australian Phrae couple.

They say that at least 2 or three people are involved and they know who they are. They called it a “family affair”.

Nott Suddaen, 61, and Alan Hawk, now said to be 64, went missing last week.

Nott’s brother Warun Watanasatjakit, 63, was bailed out by relatives for 100,000 baht after being charged with theft.

Warun – who had arguments with the couple – was reported as pawning the couple’s white Ford pick-up and has been charged with theft. He was now at his Soong district home.

Yesterday Region 5 chief Pol Lt-Gen Poonsak Prasertsak held a one hour meeting at the Phra That Chorhae sub-district police station with other top brass. The press were not admitted.

After that the delegation went to the property in the Chorhae area where the couple lived and  a lake was inspected by rescue divers but nothing was found.

Again the press were kept away.

Lt-Gen Poonsak said that evidence gathering is still taking place but that 2 or three people known to police will be served with warrants.

He called it an “incident within the family” but refused to be drawn on the fate of the couple.

Police have the pick-up in their possession but are trying to follow its exact movements from CCTV and witness evidence.

Earlier reports suggested that blood was found at the property and someone had made an attempt to clean it up.

It is said that the couple largely kept themselves to themselves. They reared ducks, geese and cattle on their property but not for sale or food.

They made frequent and long trips to Australia and had just got back at the beginning of the month and were preparing to visit a relative in Chiang Mai when they went missing.

(Source:-Daily News)

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