Police Have Right To Set Up Checkpoint Road Blocks As Long As They Follow Correct Procedure

Police road blocks must be set up correctly.

Thai media has been focusing on the law pertaining to police rights to set up and man roadblocks on the roads and highways in Thailand.

The story followed a case where a woman was smashed into by a following ten wheel truck as she stopped abruptly at a country checkpoint.

This incident was widely shown on news broadcasts with much debate as to who was in the wrong.

Strict rules should be followed according to traffic regulations promulgated in 1979 and a Highways Act from 1992.

Police need the permission of the chief of police before setting up checkpoints – stations or individual officers, they can’t just decide for themselves.

They can be set up for the purpose of emergencies or stopping lawbreakers on the roads.

A policeman of the rank of deputy sergeant or above must be in charge.

Everyone must be in uniform.

Checkpoints are only temporary – they cannot last longer than 24 hours.

There must be clear signage before the checkpoint, another sign at the place itself and the area must be well lit if at night.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

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