Police Arrest French Suspect In Gruesome Murder Of Italian Man

French suspect arrested in connection with murder. (Photo:-Daily News)

A Frenchman who is a prime suspect in the murder of an Italian man in Phichit province has been arrested.

Frenchman Amuary Rigaud, 34, was arrested on Sunday after he was found in jungle on the Tak-Kamphaeng Phet border.

Rigaud was found with a tent, camping equipment and a Toyota Yaris, which police say had been recently resprayed black.

His girlfriend, Rujira Iam-lamai, 38, who is the other suspect and the wife of the victim, Giuseppe De Stefani, 61, remains on the run.

The dismembered and burnt remains of De Stefani were found in Bueng Nang Rang district of Phichit province on 19 January.

CCTV footage released on Friday showed Rigaud and Iam-lamai at a mobile phone booth in Tak province.

Police said the pair had stayed in rented accommodation in the Tak-Kamphaeng Phet border area on 21 January and had used ATM cards belonging to the victim.

Last week villagers in Phitchit clubbed together a 30,000 baht reward for information leading to the arrest of the couple.

Police said that although Iam-lamai remains on the run they expect her to be arrested soon.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

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