New Google Translate Feature Lets You Use Your Smartphone Camera To Translate Thai

New translate feature

A new update to Google Translate lets you use your smartphone camera to translate printed text in real time.

The update means you can now translate text printed on menus, road signs, billboards or pretty much anything you can take a photo of.

The feature was first launched by Google in 2015, but has now been updated to translate Thai and 12 other languages bringing the total number of languages it can translate to 63.

The feature uses Neural Machine Translation, which gets smarter and more competent the more you use it.

The new feature is available in the latest version of the Google Translate app on iOS and Android.

It’s really easy to use – just open the Translate app on your smartphone, select the ‘Camera’ option and take a photo of the Thai text you wish to translate. It will then ask you to highlight the text by scrolling over it with your finger.

We’ve briefly tried out the new Translate feature and it seemed to be OK at translating individual words such as items off a menu, although it did also throw up some of the typical curve balls that anyone who has ever tried to use Google Translate to translate Thai will be familiar with.

Still, Google says the more we use the new feature, the better it will get, so let’s hope the service improves in the future.

(Source: – Thai Visa)

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