Net Idol “Sword Master” Accused Of Molesting 10 Year-Old Girls In Bloody Orientation Ceremony

“Sword Master” accused of assaulting young girls.

Ten girls are believed to have been abused by the self-proclaimed “sword master” Wetsuwanlaksana “Ne Hofatura” Meekhajannatthakard, after examinations looking for signs of physical abuse or psychological trauma were performed on three girls under the age of 15.

The 31-year-old man, who is known for his cosplay-style warrior wardrobe and heavy make-up, was arrested on Sunday for allegedly forcing two 10-year-old female students to strip and molesting them while they were covered only with towels during an “orientation ceremony” at his Bangkok school. A parent subsequently filed a police complaint last Friday.

The Facebook page of the non-profit organisation “Because We Care”, under the Department of Children and Youth, posted an update early yesterday saying that a team had provided aid to the girls and examined them, including a psychiatric check-up looking for signs of abuse.

After the initial inquiry involving the three victims, the team concluded that at least 10 more girls had been abused by Wetsuwanlaksana, while the victims’ parents either did not know of the incidents or had been afraid to press charges.

The Facebook page and Police General Hospital are encouraging more victims to file complaints against Wetsuwanlaksana, undergo check-ups and proceed with legal action.

According to a relative of one of the two 10-year-olds, Wetsuwanlaksana had moved into a rented house and opened a new school teaching fencing late last year and often practised in front of the house, so the girl had become interested and accepted his offer of a free lesson.

During the “orientation ceremony” last week, the girl was asked to wear only a towel, Wetsuwanlaksana cut his own hand and mixed his blood with water, wrote words with the mixture on the girl’s body and tried to force her to kiss him, the relative said.

Wetsuwanlaksana also allegedly forced the girl to call him “husband”, telling her she was his “wife” and could not have another husband for the rest of her life.

He also told the girl she must keep the “ceremony” a secret “or the magic would be destroyed”, the relative said, adding that the girl had been crying while telling her family about the incident.

When he was arrested in Tha Kham district, Wetsuwanlaksana admitted to writing on the victims’ bodies but said that was part of a ceremony for the school, not an action stemming from his personal desire or criminal intent.

After his arrest, the parents of two other girls stepped forward to say their children had also been molested.

Authorities applied for a detention order at the Thon Buri Court and he was a sent to a remand prison after no one posted bail for him.

Wetsuwanlaksana became a web celebrity in 2009 and gained wider fame in 2013 when he participated in a martial arts competition in Lumpini Park.

He has also released clips challenging famous boxers Buakhao Banchamek and Somrak Khamsing, as well as another Internet personality known as “Ne Watdao”, to fights.

Wetsuwanlaksana has also been featured on TV shows demonstrating his strength, including one show in which he smashed 30 bricks with his hand and broke another 27 with his head in 2016.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty but it would appear that this is one sick mind and should be put away for a very long time.

(Source:-The Nation, Thailand)

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