Nearly 7,000 People Killed On The Roads Since The New Year

Another fatality on Thai roads.

More than 1,000 people are dying on the Thai roads every month.

Stats from yesterday when 29 were killed brought the grand total since January 1st to 6,831 dead.

However, this figure is set to rise when all results are in from some precincts that wait until Tuesday to report the weekend death toll.

And these figures only represent the death toll from victims who die at the scene of accidents.

They do not count the people who die in hospital or as a result of their injuries so the real figure is much higher.

On average this suggests that the actual death toll is around 70% more than the figures suggest.

News media keep a daily check on the carnage in an ongoing campaign. They commented on the latest bus accident on Kata Hill in Phuket when a Chinese tour bus collided with a pick up and ended off the road.

Fortunately no tourists were seriously injured.

They also showed a short video of a Tuk-Tuk side swiping a car and a person being thrown to the tarmac.

It was not reported what happened to the victim in that accident.

So far an average of 38 people have been killed per day in June.

If the figure of 70% more deaths away from the scene of accidents is taken as a benchmark for the true likelihood of the number of fatalities then it would mean that around 25,000 – 26,000 people in total will die this year on the Thai roads.

Many people accept that the Thai roads are the most dangerous on earth.

Times comment:- Having just returned from the UK, it is not difficult to see that speed really IS the problem here. Drivers in the UK now observe the speed limits practically at all times. The cameras and speed traps, coupled with hefty fines and penalty points have made a staggering impact.

However, the obsession with alcohol will remain here and the carnage will continue.

(Source:-Daily News)

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