Mekong River Rises Nearly Two Metres Overnight

Mekong rises nearly two metres.

The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) is continuing with preparations against flooding due to a tropical depression bringing heavy rainfall across most of the country with the Mekong River level in Nong Khai rising rapidly and impeding boat travel.

The Mekong River flowing bordering Nong Khai province rose a remarkable 169 centimetres in one day yesterday (July 23) after heavy rains north of the province in Lao PDR. The waterway is now 8.3 metres high and only 3.9 meters from overflowing its banks. It is expected to rise by another 2 metres today (July 24) with water flowing in from Chiang Kan of Loei province. Local workers have had to adjust barges and rafts as the rising waters have left them in disarray.

In Khon Kaen province, RID Office 6 Director Saksiri Yusuk has held a meeting with other relevant agencies to prepare to handle the effects of rain in the provinces of Khon Kaen, Mahasarakam, Kalasin, Chaiyaphum and Roi Et. Authorities are to install more water pumps and inspect the integrity of embankments after an earthen bank disintegrated in Roi Et and over 18,000 Rai of farmland was flooded.

Up to 6 million cubic metres of water is flowing into Pranburi Dam in Prachuapkirikan province from the Tanaosri mountain range due to continual rain. The dam is now holding 328 million cubic metres of water, which is about 80 percent of its total capacity. Releases from the dam have been increased to 2.16 million cubic metres daily to maintain its level in anticipation of more rain.

All RID projects along the nation’s west have been told to explain the need for releases at this time to the public to avoid panic, while also preparing emergency response equipment.

Flooding in Sangklaburi district of Kanchanaburi has improved and is expected to subside in seven days. Assistance is being provided to affected residents but the authorities are concerned about villagers in Baan Koh Saderng, which has had various roads severed. Royal Thai Army units have moved into the area with medical and other supplies but have noted the 12 kilometre entrance to the community now takes four to five hours to traverse.

(Source:-The Nation, Thailand)

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