Major Changes Agreed In Principle To Change Player Allowances In Thai League

The Football Association of Thailand and the Thai League Company Limited have agreed in principle to a change to the allowed playing personnel on the field at any given time.

A team will be able to be comprised of the following:-

3 foreign players from outside Asia,

1 player from Asia,

3 ASEAN players ,

4 Thai players.

Some people will be quick to jump up and say that it will limit Thai players chances which will affect the national team’s development. However, if you take time to think more carefully then this might not be the case.

Something had to be done, crowds are dwindling all over the country. The overall standard of the Thai League is not making a significant enough improvement.

Playing with and against better players is the only route to raising the bar in Thailand. Don’t forget also that Thai players are also ASEAN players so it would still be possible to field 7 Thai players.

This is a bold move and the two authorities deserve praise for having the courage to make it.

Let’s hope it becomes a reality.

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