Line Toddler Sex Group Audience Broke No Laws: Police

Police arrest Pathumporn “Ae” Mongkornchaiya Dec. 14 in Ratchaburi after rape of toddler.

The voyeurs of a Line group where a toddler was raped on live camera will not be prosecuted, but the admin is awaiting a court sentence for various charges including human trafficking.

In December, Pathumporn “Ae” Mongkornchaiya, 27, was arrested for paying the parents of a toddler to rape their child on camera. While Pathumporn has been convicted and awaits sentencing for her crimes, the police who had vowed to locate those who watched now say they’ve given up and decided they did not break any law.

“According to the law, people who were watching do not fall in the category of criminality,” Col. Songpol Sangkasem of Phitsanulok Police said. “Only those who profited from collecting member fees and paying for the content can be prosecuted.”

Songpol said that although police had asked Line for help identifying the group’s members they have dropped the investigation after deciding they could not be charged.

Pathumporn was convicted of trafficking a minor, uploading obscene content and violating the Child Protection Act. She faces up to 25 years and three months in prison and a fine of 2.13 million baht.

“It’s out of the police’s hands. She’s in between court procedures now,” Songpol said.

Times comment:- They may not have broken any law but they are beyond contempt and at the very least they should be named and shamed. How can such vile people hide behind the law?


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