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Khon Kaen Times is back and under a new management team. Hope you enjoy reading the Khon Kaen Times as it continues.

We had some feedback on the air quality story; A reader Dick van Nieuwkoop expressed his concern as to whether the air quality monitors were still in operation. Apparently they are as Mr Van Nieuwkoop is receiving readings again but on contacting Greenpeace we stilll haven’t received an answer.

Dick van Nieuwkoop has special interest in air quality and has over 5000 followers on facebook, you can understand his story from his video here: “To get the whole picture about me, you can watch a video I have made. It is spoken in Dutch, but all text on screen is English”

I certainly see the pollution in the big cities of Thailand whilst driving around on my motorbike. In my younger days here it never used to bother me but it has gotten worse and whilst not yet at the levels of the Chinese mega cities it still presents a problem – I must state that this is only an issue in the city centre areas.

I also happen to have been in contact with Jim Schumacher, Managing Director At Advanced Global Innovations Co.,Ltd. Jim has been developing a personal air filter solution for many years and it is now available to buy. As well as high grade protection they offer many many styles. I opted for the black mask for the bike but will get another design for commuting.

Personal Air Filter

It’s not my job to promote the ‘Style Seal’ mask but I will say that the filters are very easy to fit and I have seen the filters blacken from less than a week riding around Khon Kaen and Udon Thani. I now wouldn’t ride in town without one.


Personal Air Filter

Style Seal Personal Air Filter

Quoted on website:

“Health studies have shown a significant association between exposure to fine particles and premature death from heart or lung disease. Fine particles can aggravate heart and lung diseases and have been linked to effects such as: cardiovascular symptoms; cardiac arrhythmias; heart attacks; respiratory symptoms; asthma attacks; and bronchitis. These effects can result in increased hospital admissions, emergency room visits, absences from school or work, and restricted activity days. Individuals that may be particularly sensitive to fine particle exposure include people with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children”

The STYLE SEAL PAF outer layer is made of specially selected high quality fabrics with superior breathability. These fabrics allow the air to easily pass into the filters below.

The SUPER SEAL filters are easily replaced from the inside of the PAF so they are hidden from view. A strong mouldable nose piece is sewn attractively inside the trim. The nose piece insures the PAF has the all important individual fit to your unique face insuring a SUPER SEAL to your face every time.

Color-coded replaceable filters in multiple filtration levels enabling you to match your level of protection to the hazard in your environment and control costs.


Please feel free to read more on the Style Seal personal air filter on their website.


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