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Marina Cafe Khon Kaen”But you like sailing and Khon Kaen is nowhere near the sea!” This oft said comment by friends was still not enough to put off this gritty and determined Aussie boatman. So he went ahead, moved to Khon Kaen anyway and spent 2 years building a marvelous twin sail boat. It really is a thing of beauty. I’m no sailor, but if you're ever fortunate enough to talk to the craftsman who built it, then the phrase “a labour of love” is most apt.

I’m talking about the irrepressible Jeff. Furthermore he bought a property by a bit of water in Khon Kaen. The ‘bit of water’ is Nong Khote Lake, roughly 3 square kilometers, almost an ocean! Well enough to sail a boat anyway. About 10 minutes from Central Plaza and Khon Kaen Airport.Not only that but the property he bought, he turned the 1st floor into a bar / restaurant called The Marina Cafe.

So now he can sail his boat or sit with mates in his bar and enjoy spectacular views over the lake. Clever man. And if you think that’s it, he has more plans in store. I’ll keep you posted. Or better still pop down yourself. Now I should say at this point and I’m sure Jeff will correct me if I’m wrong, that Marina Cafe wasn’t built to have a huge influx of expats. Just the opposite. Jeff is a sociable, popular guy and enjoys the company of mates. Usually over a whiskey & soda.


So it`s not meant for hoards of falangs. I was introduced to Jeff and Marina Cafe through a friend and have taken a couple of my pals there too. Jeff’s wife is an excellent cook. The food is delicious and not expensive. He has a great TV set up. Why only today we were watching The Lions crush the Crusaders. Bring on The All Blacks eh Jeff?

Apart from getting his boat out on the water and watching Rugby Union, Jeff has many other interests, I guess Aussie Rules being top, having played it for a decade or more. He`s no mug on a golf course either, but needs to bring that handicap back down.

Jeff strikes me as a fairly dogmatic guy. When I asked him once what his opening times were he said “If I’m there….its open. If I’m not…..its not!”. Aussie simplicity. Though to be honest he`s been there many more times than not when I’ve been passing.

So you can do a lot worse in Khon Kaen than visiting Marina Cafe. Just tell Jeff Mick sent you or ask him about his boat and you’ll be made most welcome. But don`t mention the mighty British Lions.

Marina Cafe owner Jeff

Launching the boat



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