Khon Kaen Roads And Traffic

Highway 2 leads you up to Khon Kaen from Bangkok and down from Udon Thani.  Its the main road to the city and at the major junction by Central Plaza. it can be a traffic nightmare. Traffic cameras are a new addition catching many drivers who don't observe the speed limits, me included! There`s 500 baht down the drain.

What do we think to the other roads around Khon Kaen and the traffic? There seems to me to have been quite an effort in a lot of places to improve the roads in the last 6 months. The 208 all the way to Kosum Phisai from highway 2, for example, is being  made into a dual carriageway. A 30 km stretch of road, a huge project going over several rivers and many trees taken down in the process.

The traffic I guess will always remain busy on Highway 2 and the centre of Khon Kaen at times gets near gridlocked. Out in the villages pot holes are temporarily filled with mud, sand or not at all.

Then of course some of the traffic in Khon Kaen or anywhere in Thailand is just plain bizarre. I hope the irony of the poppy I have in my car will not be lost on you when you see these symbols on the lorry. Incidentally a slightly different version of the swastika adopted by Hitler actually drives from Sanskrit and originally meant ‘ good fortune’ or well being`.

We ve all seen pictures of over loaded pick ups,lorries, motorbikes as a daily occurrence on the roads around Khon Kaen. In fact Thai Visa runs a daily overloaded` vehicle page! But how many times have you seen your house stuck under a bridge? Well this bunch of removal experts were merrily driving down highway 2 heading out of Khon Kaen  and completely forgot that the house they were delivering did not fit under said bridge. Result? A comical 3 hours whilst they removed the roof!

Eventually the house got through. So pleased with themselves were the removal experts that they have branched out into tree removals as well (See picture above)

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