Khon Kaen Football Club Close To Promotion

Khon Kaen Football Club played against Sa Kaeo on Saturday 24th June in League Division 3 at Khon Kaen Stadium. I went along with 2 friends also from Khon Kaen where we sat opposite the posh seats and in amongst the lovely Khon Kaen Ultras. 60 baht to gain entry.

The Khon Kaen Ultras consist of shirt and scarf wearing locals of all ages and sexes. They`re accompanied by several drummers and a guy with a microphone leading the songs for the entire 90 minutes. If you’re not partial to Thai Kareoke, dont sit too close to these boys. Of course there is none of hostility amongst the crowd you so often find at English games. But then there were zero away fans.. In fact everyone is very friendly, welcoming and they really are mad keen on their team.

The standard of football is hard to compare to leagues of other countries. Id say definitely not the level of the top 4 divisions in England and Wales. At best possibly a few divisions down the non-league structure. Nevertheless the games I’ve watched have be entertaining and always seem to have at least one comical moment. This game was no different and there was a bit of niggle thrown in as well.

Public Enemy would be proud of the percussion band because all the drummers did indeed ‘get wicked’ for the entire match. Which in truth can get a bit annoying. Nevertheless they give Khon Kaen great vocal support and made the three of us most welcome.Even with 2 of us wearing Leicester City shirts. Khon Kaen ran out 3-1 victors which keeps them 2nd in the league behind Samut Sakhon. The league winners will be promoted to Division 2 the runners-up will enter a play off. So with only a handful of games left Khon Kaen are in with a chance of promotion. So get down to Khon Kaen Stadium and support your team, it`s good fun.







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