Khon Kaen FC Promoted Champions! (Updated)

The T-Rex’s have had a great season and for those of you who don’t know were promoted as champions in the number 1 spot of the Thai League 3.

Khon Kaen promoted Champions !

They beat local rivals Udon Thani into second place by 7 points.

Khon Kaen FC will play Samut Sakhon away at the weekend, then play them again for the final send off friendly at Khon Kaen Stadium.

khon kaen fc

Khon Kaen FC Happy Fans

The last game will take place at Khon Kaen Stadium on the 7th October and Khon Kaen Times reporters will be there to join in the celebration and document the day.

The T Rex’s are unbeaten at home this season. Fortress Khon Kaen ! Similar to other great clubs the official website lists the fans as player #12.

We’re sure now that the T Rex’s will play in the second tier Thai league next year and go up as Champions with some momentum.

18 wins 5 draws and only 3 defeats have meant it’s been a successful season for Khon Kaen. With 53 goals scored and only 18 against.

Over 26 games they have failed to score at home only once so we’re hoping for a few more in the final game.

As we said in our last article it’s like watching Brazil ! Well Almost ! Watford ? No.

We’ll enjoy the friendly game next week and look forward to next season.

Editors’ note:

Apologies for the erroneous information in the original article due to our sports reporter’s over eagerness to publish.

The season consist of 26 games with 14 teams playing at home and away. A two leg post season friendly is being played 1st October and 7th October.

The final game for Khon Kaen FC was at Lamphun last week and not as originally stated next week.

As we find out more information we’ll publish as soon as it can be verified; We’re close to the Stadium and club so this won’t be a problem.


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