Khon Kaen From the Air

The advent of camera phones and drones has produced some great aerial footage to local areas and the scale of Khon Kaen city’s development is best seen from the air.

We’ve added a couple of short clips today including a great advert for the university.

We’ve also included one that compares the nightlife of Bangkok, Pattaya and Khon Kaen. Well it at least compares the aerial view at night! (see below)


Khon Kaen University was the first university established in northeastern Thailand and is also the largest university in the region.

The university is a hub of education in northeast Thailand. It is widely recognized university in South East Asia. The university offers a wide range of programs: its comprehensive academic program offers 105 undergraduate majors, along with 129 master’s degree programs, and 59 doctoral programs.

Khon Kaen University was ranked 21st in Southeast Asia by Time Higher Education in 2009, and 4th in Thailand by The Office of Higher Education Commission.

We think the aerial view is a great advert for the academic institution. They also have an international college with a English language website for those who would like further information, 

As promised check out Khon Kaen compared to other cities in Thailand.

Khon Kaen starts at 6:37 mins into the video and shows the city at sunset looking great.

We’d like to hear from you if you have any footage of Khon Kaen you’d like to showcase on Khon Kaen Times.

One of the great things about any Thai town is the night market and Khon Kaen has a lovely night market. This video gives a nice view from (hugasia) of two locals at the market.


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