Horsepower? Try King Cobra Power As Motorist Gets Shock Of His Life

King cobra in engine.

One Thai man was certainly not expecting a 15-foot-long King Cobra to be curled up under the bonnet of his car when he went to inspect the engine.

Thaichai Kongnimit, 55, parked his car in front of his house in Surat Thani and went to bed for the night.

Then next morning he went to drive his blue Nissan to the market but upon starting the car he heard a sinister hissing sound coming from the engine.

Thaichai fearing a mechanical issue with the engine was taking place got out and popped the hood for a closer look. After peering inside he sprang back in horror as staring up ready to attack was a King Cobra, a snake which has a bite able to kill an Asian elephant and definitely not what you want anywhere near you.

After composing himself Thaichai went back into his house and called the emergency services who quickly dispatched the region’s number one snake wrangler to the scene.

It took a mere 2 minutes for Tanawat Num to subdue the angry serpent and the capture was caught on camera, the large cobra was placed into a sack ready to be released back into the wild.

Thaichai, speaking of his ordeal said, ” I could have died, I was only 30cm from its head!”


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