Hong Kong Celebrity “Confused” After One Million Baht Theft By Ladyboys On Walking Street

Hong Kong “celebrity” wants his property back (Photo:-Pattaya Update News)

A Hong Kong celebrity had gone to the media early this morning after failing to get his property back after an altercation with a group of lady boys in Walking Street at 5am on Tuesday morning.

The case ended up being dealt with by Pattaya police but he has been left confused after fines were doled out but he didn’t get his one million baht of property back.

The media said that Vincent Chen, 32, was walking in the red light area when a group of four lady boys approached him to give them money for a snack.
He didn’t want to give them anything but eventually caved in and handed out 500 baht. This perceived meanness enraged the pack who demanded 1,000 baht from the tourist.

A melee broke out and fists started flying on both sides.
In the confusion a bag he was carrying went missing. It contained 120,000 baht, 5,000 Hong Kong dollars (20,000 baht), a Rolex watch worth 520,000 baht, a gold bracelet worth 400,000 baht and three phones worth 50,000 baht.

Police managed to break up the fight and fines were doled out at the police station but despite making a full report Mr Chen says he has not got his valuables back.

He said he has evidence in the form of a video of the altercation.

He said he was confused as to why he has not got his bag back and he wants justice.

What makes Mr Chen a celebrity was not explained in the story of the incident.
(Source:-Pattaya Update News)

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