Heartbroken And Broke, Motorcycle Taxi Rider Goes To Police For Help

Motorcycle taxi rider asks police for help. (Photo:-Manager)

A 64 year old motorcycle taxi rider was at his wits end after he fell for a woman.

Everything seemed to be going well after he met her at Hat Yai station on her way to work.

There was a 24 year age gap but, hey, love conquers all…doesn’t it?

He took her everywhere and after 15 days of chat he was convinced the 40 year old was the one.

Then she had a bike accident – not with him, it must be said.

What could he do but pay for her hospital bills – he even had to borrow from a friend because the 14,000 baht cost of the private treatment cleaned him out.

Then she disappeared.

So he went to the Hat Yai police yesterday to see what they could do, reported manager.

They listened sympathetically and even phoned the woman on his behalf. But she said he had given her the money, what was the problem?

The police had to agree – no crime had been committed after all.

They put his visit in the record book and commiserated.

Then “lung” (uncle) went home – brokenhearted, with no money but hopefully just a little bit wiser.

Here endeth the Hat Yai lesson.


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