More Graffiti By Foreigners At Chiang Mai Beauty Spot

“Artists” face jail if caught

Chiang Mai authorities are furious that a cave has been ruined by graffiti from foreign tourists.

They have threatened to prosecute and seek jail terms for anyone who is caught.

The latest damage comes to Thailand’s nature after teens from Liverpool and Canada spray-painted a historic wall in the northern Thai city.

Foreign names were inscribed on a cave at the Mok Fa waterfall in the beautiful Doi Suthep – Pui national park.

The park authorities message was clear and unequivocal to tourists – “Don’t or you’ll be jailed”.

Though they admitted that a lack of staff meant they would find it hard to find the miscreants.

Names such as “Tom”, “Sian”, “Louise” and “Sam” were clearly visible along with other scrawls.

A couple of weeks ago, a Liverpool man attempted to write the word “scouser” at the Tha Pae gate.

Times comment:- Why would anyone want to spoil areas of natural beauty? Sad is the only word to describe them.

(Source:-Chiang Mai News)

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