Gang Rape/Murder Of “Nong Gift”: She Knew One Of Her Attackers

Nong Gift, tragically murdered.

Information from a popular fan page on Facebook shows that the young woman gang raped and murdered in Chantaburi at the weekend knew one of the men who abducted her.

Umaporn or “Gift”, aged just 21, was found dead in Makham district of the eastern Thai province. The case is gripping the Thai public.

Four men had taken her from an entertainment venue after she passed out from excessive alcohol, it was earlier reported. She was loaded up into the back of a pick-up and taken to a place owned by one of the assailants and there raped and murdered.

Now information from the Social Hunter V.3 page shows that Gift knew a man called “Ball” who is one of the suspects that claims he only did the driving and did not take part in the rape/murder.

Drugs and a possible family feud are also rumored to be complications in the case.

All four suspects earlier reportedly admitted their involvement to police and were taken on a reenactment during which relatives and friends of the victim tried to attack them.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

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