Foreigner Caught Allegedly Defecating On Floor Of Pattaya Bar

Cctv of foreigner allegedly defecating on bar floor.

A foreign man has been caught on camera allegedly defecating on the floor of a bar in Pattaya.

The unidentified man reportedly broke into Kiss Bar on Wednesday morning when it was closed and defecated on the floor.

It is believed he then left without stealing anything.

Andrew Brand, owner of Kiss Bar, located on Pattaya 2nd Road, has now taken to social media asking for help in identifying the man. He posted more photos, adding, “Any of my friends In Pattaya recognise this dirty b…..d. Came in my bar 9:20am when closed and s..t on the floor.”

The incident was captured on CCTV with images showing the man inside the bar in his underpants having removed his trousers.

Owners of neighbouring bars are also said to be checking CCTV footage from outside their premises in a hope of getting clearer image of the culprit.


Times comment:-That’ll have all of the foreigners hoping he isn’t “one of our lot” . Hopefully, he will be caught and the appropriate action taken. ie kicked out of Thailand and banned from returning. Perhaps after some “personal retribution ” from Mr Brand ??

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