Food Safety Programme in Khon Kaen

A group of 32 participants from Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam are meeting in Khon Kaen to participate in a food safety project titled “Regional Media Training Programme on Communicating Food Safety.”

The programme, has been taking place from place from August 28 to September 1, and aims to bolster knowledge of food safety challenges in Southern Asia, implications for health and the food trade, the status of food safety in Southern Asia, food control management, food inspection, the spread of food safety information, and other benefits

The programme features many activities to strengthen participants’ awareness and understanding of key food safety concepts, related global and local issues, and existing best practices in the region

It also aims to raise journalists’ interest in covering food safety issues in their respective countries and to foster collaboration among media personnel.The opening ceremony was held on Monday at the Mekong Institute in Khon Kaen province, chaired by the institute’s Executive Director, Dr Watcharas Leelawath.

Thanks to Vietianne Times and The Nation

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