Farang In North Thailand A Massive Hit With Thais On Facebook

Farang big hit with Thais (Photo:-Facebook)

A foreigner on Facebook is getting the attention of millions of Thais with his wacky Thai humour, amusing situations and posts – as well as fluent northern Thai dialect.

In fact Udom Suksaneh was viewed 5.6 million times cutting down some banana trees near where he lives in Phrae.

Udom is in fact an American citizen who went to primary school in Thailand and has lived in the kingdom ever since.

He was the child of US missionaries and has appeared on Thai TV as well.

He is often posting on Facebook about wanting to be a Thai citizen but has been turned down despite having many Thais saying that he should be granted citizenship.

He has a Thai wife and young child.

In the latest video he is making a joke about going to see a doctor and cutting down a banana tree over an issue with ghosts.

The joke plays on the Thai penchant to make a correlation between physical ailments and the supernatural.

(Source:- Thai Visa News and Facebook)

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