Expats Schooling Preferences in Thailand 2018 – Thaivisa Survey 2018

Expats choices for schools.

Based on the Thaivisa Expat reader, 87% of expats have at least one dependent child living with them in Thailand and 36% have two or more. It is quite likely this is a typical reflection on all expats living in Thailand given Thaivisa is used for multiple reasons by a wide range of demographics.

It is a big choice and financial consideration for an expat when deciding where best to send their children. 56% of the sample says they will choose an International School.

Over 1 in 5 plan to spend over 400k baht per year per child; this increases to over 1 in 3 in Bangkok.

Bangkok has higher percentage of expats with children

Bangkok is an interesting region. It represented the largest share of the sample, with 29% from the survey coming from the capital. 68% of expats in Bangkok are working expats (against national average of 44%).

90% of expats in Bangkok have at least one child, which is the highest amount across all regions. 67% of expats in Bangkok plan on sending or already send their children to an international school.

Who will be looking for a new school over the next three years?

A huge 42% of the sample says they will need to find a school for their children to attend over the next 3 years, that increases slightly in Bangkok to 46%.

Notes: The survey was taken in May 2018 and has 333 respondents. If you would like to know any more about this survey please

email dan@choicegroupasia.com


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