Australian Man Critical After Hit And Run Crash On Samui

An Australian tourist is in a critical condition after being involved in a suspected hit and run on Koh Samui.

Benjamin French, 36, was on the island to attend a friend’s wedding when he was hit by a car while riding a motorcycle at around 4am on 28th March.

“It appears that way. He was found at four o’clock in the morning — someone rang to call an ambulance and when they turned up there was no-one there so they’re finding that very suspicious,” his sister Kirsty said.

“He is currently in a coma. He has all his ribs broken, he has punctured lungs, a broken spinal cord in four places, several brain injuries and he has already died twice,” she said.

Benjamin’s parents are at his bedside and are working with the authorities to try and establish what happened but initial investigations are yet to yield any suspects.

Kirsty said the police on Samui had been “absolutely brilliant” in trying to find those responsible.

“Mum said she can’t fault anyone. Everyone has been great.”

The family also revealed that because Benjamin did not have an Australian motorcycle license his insurance company are refusing to pay out.

They claim the lack of a license invalidates Benjamin’s insurance policy leaving him with hefty medical bills, which currently stand at more than $20,000 per day.

“The hospital bills are about $20,000-plus a day because he is having to have CT scans, he’s had a few brain surgeries and he is on life support,” Kirsty told ABC News.

The family have now set up a Go Fund Me page to raise the funds needed to get Benjamin transferred to a hospital in Perth.

“Once his brain stabilises and the swelling goes down, we can get him back to Perth via Medivac but that is about $100,000,” she said.

“In 24 hours the fund has raised $47,000. We need to reach about $300,000. There’s extensive costs,” she said.

(Out of respect to Benjamin we have not published a photo showing him in hospital in a coma.)

Times comment:- Yet another tragic accident compounded more by the lack of licences and/or insurance. People need to understand that it CAN happen to them ,especially here, and make sure they are adequately covered.

(Source:-Thai Visa News)

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