Another Shark Attack In Hua Hin Despite Warnings

Warnings ignored.

A South Korean tourist staying in a condo in the Khao Tao area becomes a victim of shark bite in Hua Hin. The victim, despite warning signs which forbade swimming, was reported swimming off the Sai Noi beach by the temple of Wat Tham Khao Tao.

The deputy governor of Prajuab Khiri Khan Province Pongpan Vichiensamut confirmed the attack, which wasn’t fatal though.
Since the authorities didn’t want to harm the fish, they have put buoys in place instead of preventing nets.

As previously reported , the authorities are planning to ban fishing too as a fisherman landed a 40-50 kilogram bull shark in the area, which can be sold for 2,000 baht each.

The news of the Korean victim came in right after a Norwegian was attacked two weeks ago.

The local tourism chief has contacted the head of Tourism Authority of Thailand to learn ways to help the tourist.

Reports have also been going around that Werner Danielsen, the Norwegian shark bite victim, 54 was not insured. He has been facing a bill of 300,000 baht at Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin with further expense for follow up procedures and physiotherapy in a hospital in Khon Kaen.

His wife has slammed authorities for not doing enough to help her injured husband.

Times comment:- You see a sign on a beach warning you not to swim, so what’s the logical thing to do ? STAY OUT OF THE WATER ! Maybe, he was unable to read the sign, but it was obviously a warning of some sort. So you find out what it means.

As for the Norwegian’s wife, what more should the authorities have done? What she really means is she wants them to foot the bill because her husband failed to take out insurance. That is their problem, not anyone else’s !


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