Khon Kaen Airport Upgrade

The Department of Airports has allocated significant funding to Khon Kaen Airport.

khon kaen airport

Khon Kaen airport will be upgraded over the next three years. It will get a new terminal that will increase the airport’s passenger handling capacity from 2 million passengers to 5 million a year.

About 2.95 billion baht in total will go to Khon Kaen airport ( Krabi Airport is also to receive funding it was announced).

The airport will now be able to handle up to 11 Boeing 737 at any one time and capacity will be greatly increased as a result.

Khon Kaen airport is about 25 minutes outside of town and neighbouring provinces can be reached in two hours. The airport is famous for it’s close proximity to the golf course.


With prices as low as 771 Baht one way from the capital it’s also great value and takes less than an hour. As a general guide you can fly anytime for about 1000 baht.

The upgrade is due to start within the next six months but the airport already has at least 3 daily flights  to Bangkok and back plus there are flights to  Chiang Mai and Had Yai.


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