Khon Kaen Misrepresented By Travel Websites

Khon Kaen Times


You will find all sorts of information about Khon Kaen on many well known and lesser known websites. Khon Kaen Times was started, in part, because of what you’ll read on those websites. Don’t get me wrong there is some good information but a lot of it is out of date, inaccurate, plagiarized and so on. Here`s several examples

One Stop Thailand – ” Khon Kaen is a city where a foreign face is a rarity” Really? “Tourists and locals alike are drawn to serene Bung Kaen Nakhon, a small lake that dominates the centre of the city”. That’s true, but because the site isn’t up to date it fails to mention the new pedestrian walkway which is a great new feature.

Trip Advisor. What do you imagine they list as the No. 1 tourist attraction in Khon Kaen? Wat Nong Wang! They list 6 outdoor activities, The King Cobra Village being No.1. Hardly an `activity’. No mention of the outdoors Dino Water Park for example. Good old Wiki Travel does mention the water park but that was back in May 2016. (See Khon Kaen Times article 19 June)

Maybe Travel fish can do better “Most foreigners who pass through Khon Kaen are either here on business or to catch a bus”. That`s not very flattering to khon Kaen or accurate. Ok, well let’s look at some of their facts “Khon Kaen has a population between 200,000 and 400,000”. Mmm that`s not wildly accurate is it? Or this “Beginning in the early 1980s, archaeologists at several sites that are now part of Phu Wiang National Park unearthed many fossils and skeletons” Err not true. It was at the start of the 1970s. Maybe I`m starting to get pedantic now.

Lonely Planet gets off to a good start though about khon kaen “there are more than enough interesting attractions and good facilities to make a stop rewarding”. But then only lists 8 attractions – 5 temples, 2 Museums and a market. I think there`s a few more and different attractions to add to that.

It’s easy to find fault in others or in this case with other websites about Khon Kaen. But these websites are very well known and used by tourists and others alike for a guide on Khon Kaen. As you`ve seen from these snippets all have inaccuracies. Khon Kaen Times is written by people who live here and will be kept accurate, factual and up to date. Tell your friends if they want to know about Khon Kaen then read it in The Khon Kaen Times.

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