Khon Kaen Murder: Strange Crime World of Thailand

Thailand is such a rich source for bizarre crime stories that I think it’s unlikely we’ll ever struggle to get good copy in that category. Some of the stories you just couldn’t make up.  Now Khon Kaen has its own bizarre case :

The case of Nong Em – Warisa Klungjui, 22, – the pretty karaoke girl found cut up in the Khon Kaen woods is a Thai murder case that has it all. Sadly , the body of the young Thai woman, severed in two pieces, was found on Thursday afternoon in a plastic water container buried in a wooded area in Khon Kaen.

Khon Kaen Murder

Selfie posted on Facebook by Nong.

According to Thai Police Nong trafficked drugs from the Golden Triangle for sale in Thailand.

Tattoos on the chest and the back enabled police in Khao Suan Kwang district to identify the woman as Warisara Klinjui, 22, a karaoke-bar receptionist. The murder clearly shows a high level of premeditation – as well as many false leads to keep the Thai public engrossed and meaning this will certainly to be added to the list of bizarre crimes in Thailand

A story from last year that stands out is of course that of three Americans arrested in the Onnut area of Bangkok – initially for making fake passports – until the police discovered a dismembered, discombobulated body of a Caucasian in the freezer. Guns and drugs were also found and a police officer injured in a shoot out.

Earlier in 2016, a  glamorous Uzbek hotel manager in Koh Chang was arrested for being at the centre of international cyber crime syndicate. This could easily be the plot of cold war thriller – the Russian-speaking “femme fatale” was tracked down to the tropical paradise resort by American ‘spies’ well FBI agents.

Olga Komova.

And of course the list of bizarre crimes in Thailand is endless but back to our macabre Khon Kaen mystery;

First to be exonerated was husband Sakchai who the victim had married and gone to live with in Bangkok.

Then came deception from the victim herself who had said she was returning to the north east to be with her gran. However, she was apparently ‘shacked up’ with a “tomboy” she had known since college days.

But the tomboy was seemingly innocent and then another “tom”, who the victim met on Facebook , came to the fore only to express her complete innocence while speaking of her love for the victim.

The police investigation seems on the surface to have been well- handled and has now resulted in an arrest of the one man closely involved and three more warrants for women. Exactly what the man has done that the women haven’t remains to be seen . Police used CCTV in their early work but whereas the cameras often form the only part of successful and failed cases, this time it was just a small catalyst that got the investigation rolling.

The victim was spotted outside a convenience store, seen at an ATM and seen getting on a bike and later it is believed seen getting in a car.Some of these sightings were red herrings – another essential component of the classic murder mystery in any country.

Then came sightings abroad and police representations to the governments of neighbouring countries – both Myanmar and Laos. The story had even gone international.

This has resulted in the arrest of a man named Wasin, 22, in Vientiane, who is now back in the custody of Khon Kaen police.

Three others are wanted on warrants – namely Jidarat, 21, Preeyanuch, 24 and Kawita, 25. Preeyanuch – whose family home in is in the area where the body was found has been described as a woman who has gone off the rails by her family.

Both her and Kawita are said to have posted pictures of Chucky on their online pages .

Other online messages from those wanted saying “R.I.P” at timely moments add to the horror.

And now the truth is finally emerging about the motive for the murder – revenge over the victim giving information to the police about the husband of one of the murderers who was involved in the drugs trade.

At least that is according to police sources.

With at least three arrests to come – and those wanted seemingly abroad – there will be yet more twists and turns in a case that is captivating the Thai public every bit as much as a prime time soap.

Of course crime in Thailand is not unusually high compared to other countries and as Nick Ross of Crimewatch always said “Don’t have nightmares, do sleep well”.


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